Honey bodies

In his recently finished project, “Preservation,” photographer Blake Little covered his subjects in gallons of honey.

The gooey golden liquid incredibly transforms the models’ appearances and makes them look trapped in amber for the rest of eternity.

Little’s photographs feature a variety of models of all ages and body types. According to Little, his goal was to portray the sculptural nature of a human body, regardless of its shape, size or form. Indeed the models are like huge marble figures, frozen in space and time, reminiscent of the ancient Greek or Roman statues.

Little says it’s a specific effect of honey to “diffuse the personal qualities and make the subject unrecognizable.”

The project’s name, “Preservation,” comes from the idea that Little’s models look like they’re trapped in amber, which preserves organisms as old as 230 million years.

Little says he used about 900 5-pound jugs filled with honey in his photo shoots.

To see more works by Blake Little, please visit his website. To see the “Preservation” series live, you can visit the exhibition at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles open on March 7-April 18.

You may watch the video to see how Little created the effect of the trapped in honey figures:

Πηγή: http://blakelittle.com/preservationbook/