Giant Food Art That Disappears As You Look Again

Here’s a new perspective on food: this giant food art by Lithuanian artists Emilija Vinžanovaitė and Jolita Vaitkutė only emerges as such when seen from a certain angle. The pair uses desserts, condiments, spices, and cheese to create their giant food art pieces, which include famous faces, animals – for example a bee made of fruits that are “just a small part of food diversity that humanity loses if bees disappear” – and street scenes, and can measure up to four metres.

The pair creates the artworks when they are “tired of art installations” writes Jolita Vaitkutė on Bored Panda, and they most definitely get eaten afterwards. The biggest works take around five hours to make – how they mange to hold out for so long without nibbling on Einstein’s hair or a bee’s wing we’re not sure – perhaps they have back-up food to fill in the gaps? So, the artwork not only disappears when viewed from a certain angle, but also when artists get peckish.

Watch Jolita Vaitkutė create a portrait of musician Benjamin Clementine out of just soil and plant matter below.

Oh and this is how the bee installation looks from a different angle! 🙂



Source: Fine Dining Lovers