Greek souvenirs revisited!

Do you agree that the festive atmosphere, the parades and the joy shared by Greeks allover the world on this special day, should be accompanied by a few authentic souvenirs?

If so, forget the made in China kitsch statuettes sold to tourists in Plaka and Monastiraki. Busy bee (aka Mariana Kelaly) has a fresh idea and we were captivated by it…

On the occasion of the Greek Independence Day, we discovered the most extraordinary plush dolls which combine style and imagination. This is the perfect Easter gift / souvenir made in Greece by someone who specializes in the creation of innovative plush toys. Busy bee works as a graphic designer but has been also creating these popular plush featuring the old, clasic tsolias… revisited.

But here’s some more information about the main character, Tasos. He works in a restaurant but dreams of being chosen to become an Evzonas at the Palace. He is also the love of Golpho -another doll dressed in a traditional local Amalia costume. Golpho loves opera singing despite the fact that she currently only sings in a tavern at Skala Oropou where her voice attracts the passersby -Tasos being her greatest fun!

We met Tasos and Golpho last year during the “It’s all, oh so souvenir to me!” -the second edition of a spectacular exhibition aiming at showcasing the work of young creators who experiment with the traditional kitsch souvenirs; architects, product designers, fashion designers, photographers, visual artistas and graphic designers are once again challenged with one question: “How would Greece be if it were a souvenir?”. This year, the exhibition is held with many new items at the Benaki Museum. Don’t miss it!

«It’s all, oh so souvenir to me. Vol. 3»: Benaki Museum (Pireos Street), 26/03 -10/05.

For more information visit the museum’s website: Benaki Museum