Akiko Ida is a professional food photographer based in Paris. Her work appears in many famous publications, including cookbooks, magazines and advertisements. She is also a part of Minimiam – a creative project which she runs with her husband Pierre Javelle. As Minimiam they create stunning sceneries from food and miniature figures.

A series of funny dioramas named MINIMIAM was photographed by Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida, who are professional food photographers and gastronomy fanatics. They arranged miniature figurines and various kinds of food like fruit, vegetables and sweets, to create miniature dramas and took the close-up pictures of the scenes.

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bonbek-monstre-spaghetti-2012-1204x802 kobe-frantz-nama-choco-2010-1204x602 La-Ligue-piment-rouge-2012-1204x602 La-Ligue-thym-2012-1204x602 le-monde-mag-croisiere-1204x602 le-monde-mag-skate-tub-1204x602 opera-2004-1204x602 russian-calendar-peanut-2012-1204x602 Salon-du-chocolat-bonbon-chocolat-1204x602 smash-2007-1204x602 sweet-storm-2010-1204x602 truffle-odyssey-2014-1204x602