The reflection of a dish

An exhibition titled “The Reflection of a Dish” will be hosted for six months at the Museum of Greek Gastronomy, starting in less than three days. Inspired by the great appeal that food appears to have on social media users who predominantly post their dishes, this artistic initiative highlights or rather reflects food’s impact on modern culture.

How can food influence our culture? According to accumulated knowledge from the prehistoric times, human diet and its ritual or habits have been recognised as the single most important cultural trait. Thus, nutrition has evolved from a random condition in ancient Greece into a subjective morality or immorality index during the Middle Ages, into an ideology during the industrial revolution, an artistic expression in the 80s and, finally, into a form of technology due to the progress of food technology, the advertisements and the modern TV shows.

This exhibition which will be inaugurated on March 30, showcases works of 12 contemporary artists, who explore the characteristics of modern civilization through food. Under this particular cultural condition, they are challenged to deal with concepts such as the dish, the raw materials, the dining ritual etc, producing a work of art that may be featured in a museum and at the same time a commercial object sold at the museum’s art shop or a new recipe, that visitors can taste in the museum’s restaurant.

The question posed is: “What do we propose? What do we produce? Do we consume what we produce?”, a question that addresses our role in the modern world.

The exhibition will showcase works from the following artists: Katerina Veliou, Yiannis Gregoriadis, Theodoros Zafiropoulos / Katerina Zafeiropoulou, Costas Ioannidis, Yiannis Kapellos, Dora Kyrgia, the Architects of the Whale, Apostolos Ntelakos, Dimitris Foutris, Eleni Xapsalecvri, Alexandro Psichoulis.

Information for visitors: The Reflection of a Dish
Where: Museum of Greek Gastronomy (Aghiou Dimitriou 13, Psirri)
When: 30 March – 30 September 2015 (Tue-Sun: 10:00-23:00)
Instagram: @i_antanaklasi_tou_piatou