A home made mask to keep your summer glow

We all love summer, but sometimes the hot sun, the sea and the sand take a toll on your skin. This formula for a face mask with honey will help you get your glow back.

You know we are huge fans of using honey on the skin. It’s an amazing cure-all. It’s full of vitamins so it’s great for acne and anti-aging. But it is also especially good for after sun-care.

To make your own beauty mask, mix half a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of warm water. Just spread it onto your skin and leave on for as long as you can before rinsing off. You may even fall asleep with honey mask on, but be warned that you will wake up stuck to your pillowcase!

Last tip: Use a honey with a high pollen grain rating, such as the 80% FoodsCross honey for extra skin glow.