Heart broken over Heart!

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.

The Heart Ibiza project by brothers Ferran and Albert Adria, a unique concept that ushered in a new facet of gastronomy by connecting the world of entertainment to food, opened on the island of Ibiza in 2015. The picturesque island off the coast of Spain is party central for the international jet setting crowd and a popular stop for cruise ships that line it’s port sending hordes of day trippers all over the island.

Heart Ibiza however requires some planning since reservations for this unique experience are not so easy to come by and the party is for guests ages 18 and over only. The Adria brothers, in conjunction with Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil and the Ibiza Gran Hotel, created this unique fusion of art, entertainment, and leisure. There have been some modifications to the concept for the second season that opens on May 27th through October 2nd, 2016. It will be open daily throughout the season with exception of days when it is booked for private events.

The spot with a sophisticated, clubby but original vibe is located right next to Casino de Ibiza on the golden mile and has become one of the trendy hotspots on the island. For the coming season a cover fee includes entry, tasting of Albert Adria’s creations served fittingly in specially designed props to make it a theatrical experience. The drinks and some special elaborations on the menu are not included in the experience that begins with an aperitif on its terrace and street food inspired snacks. The guests will then move indoors to enjoy their pre-selected meal created by the world’s most well known chefs of El Bulli fame. After dessert the show really begins with stunning live art performances and the beat of music to lure diners to the dance floor. The prices are commensurate with the experience and the three options range from €250 /pp for the premium zone to €215/pp in the main area and the more moderate option of €175/pp close to the kitchen area where you might even see Albert Adria in action!

The continuously changing space evolves into a club mode at 1:00am to the sounds of visiting bands rocking the space with exceptional music. To fully comprehend the concept, this live dinner extravaganza has to be experienced in person, and celebrity sightings are an added bonus for those so inclined.

Heart Ibiza is the result of a ten year friendship, sharing ideas between Ferràn and Albert Adrià and Guy Laliberté (founder of Cirque du Soleil). Their common passion for food, music and art has led – in collaboration with the owners of Casino of Ibiza – to this great project. Heart has been born as a lab created to explore the boundaries between these three art forms.

“We have worked with all our heart to be able to create a unique experience that will make each night at HEART a party, not only for people who visit us but also for ourselves. And feeling happy is the best way to make our customers happy.”
Albert Adrià y Ferràn Adrià

“Heart is a laboratory of experiences and art”
Guy Laliberté



Pss. Joan Carles I, 17 | 07800 Ibiza
Email: reservas@heartibiza.com
Phone: +34 971.93.37.77