A sweet review by Athinorama

Athens’ major taste and life style magazine, Athinorama, featured FoodsCross and its premium honeys with the remarkably high percentage of thyme pollen grains!

With an titled “FoodsCross, hunters of tasty treasures”, editor Ntina Groumouti, discovers FoodsCross’ views on natural, pure products. She happily explores the brand’s philosophy and tries its essence through a few spoonfuls of honey boasting a remarkable content in thyme pollen grain that exceeds 80%!

Her verdict? “The thyme honey from Astypalea that we tasted, deserves the name of a small miracle. Same goes for the thyme honey from the mountains of Crete, with 60% thyme pollen grains”.

She then analyzis her experience from the honey tasting: “The first impression comes from the color: a light amber hue with an enchanting blur, like a pearl. Then the aroma: gentle notes of wax balancing with a blend of dried herbs -thyme naturally protruding. And finally, the experience culminates with the taste: incredibly pleasant, sophisticated, flavory but not overwhelming with its sweetness, with a distinct yet discreet scent of thyme and flowers with a soft wax in the background. With a silky soft texture this is a truly exceptional thyme honey from Astypalea boasting a rare percentage of thyme pollen grains, exceeding 80% (whilst 18% is enough for a common honey to be described as thyme honey)!”

You may find the entire article in Greek here: Athinorama.gr