And the awards keep flowing in…

Today we have some exciting news!

FoodsCross’ limited edition honey jar, designed by mousegraphics and already awarded for its exceptional design is once again receiving an honoring award: The Pentawards organized by J. Evrard και Brigitte Evrard who decided to launch this competition for the first time some nine years ago in order to pay tribute to the packaging design.

The nominees are individually examined by a 13-member jury, including some of the world’s most renowned experts in packaging designers and marketing. The jury evaluates the creativity, the innovation and the quality of execturion.

The awards were announced a few days ago in London, while each winner (the awarded packagint) will be included in the new album by TASCHEN, which will be available to the public as of November 2016 under the title: “The Package Design Book #4”

We thank the mousegraphics for the exceptional work that became the most fascinating vehicle for our honey’s adventurous journey around the world!