Choice for FoodsCross

FoodsCross and its honey is currently featured in Choice, which was created by a team of young journalists and people of the Internet at the beginning of Oct 2010 to inform and entertain.

In this context, there is a special place for news concerning diet and healthy living. This is where the editor chose to present FoodsCross, highlighting the exclusivity due to the intense research and tracing of the rarest and exquisite foods, planning a unique atlas of flavors, materials and combinations.

Naturally, FoodsCross’ honey has been a highlight; the exclusivity of this precious food is due to the research and tracing it took to discover the rarest adn most exciting foods. So, the public in the UK had the opportunith for the first time to learn about a honey with more than 60% thyme pollen grains from the Cretan mountains, or the rare and limited edition honey with 80% thyme pollen grain found on the island of Astypalea.

If you wish to read the original article, you may visit: FoodsCross on Choice TV