Coming soon at FoodExpo

FoodExpo is set to open its gates this weekend and we look forward to welcoming you to our booth. This will be a perfect occasion to meet and talk about precious foods, perhaps taste some of them and discuss about the flavors, the origin and their nutrionional and medicinal value. This is a long anticipated opportunity for our extended family of foodhunters, culinary travellers and passionate gourmands to unite in order to share food related information and knowledge.

Naturally, FoodsCross’ exceptional honey with 60-80% thyme pollen grains that is available in our signature vases will be the main attraction. Why is honey with such high content in pollen grains so rare and why is it so precious? How hard was it to actually track its producers and then guarantee a percentage of thyme pollen this high untill it reaches your home?

Since exploration and discoveries are of fundamendal importance to us, we have orchestrated some exciting tastings -a sort of gastronomic avant premier featuring unique products that once again share certain characteristics: they are authentic, healthy and exceptional.

So, if you want to be among the first to taste our next remarkable products, save the date and join us in a sensational three-day journey full of surprises.

We will be expecting you from 14-16 March 2015 at Metropolitan Expo, hall 3, booth C15!