FNL blog features FoodsCross new truffle butter

Greece’s most popular blog for foodies picked FoodsCross’ butter infused with real truffle as the product of the day, noting that the Greek brand is flirting with the world market of premium foods.

Blogger, Harris Tzanis, claims that this new product is the fruit of FoodsCross’ philosophy, focusing on the intense research, tracking and selecting high quality products, which are then processed with care and above all with love for the nature and respect to the environment.

The product selected by FNL as the day’s pick stands out for the quality butter flavored with truffle, both originated from Greece, while its ingredients fo not include conservatives or other chemical additives.

Mr. Tzanis takes the opportunity to also comment on the intricate pig head on the label, a tribute to the first “truffle hunters”, who were the female pigs who adored this rare delicacy and used to sniff the ground to unearth them. Since it was almost impossible to stop a pig from devouring the truffles, people resorted in a more obedient assistant: the dog. To this date, it is the special trained hunt who spot the truffles and unearth them without eating them.

The blogger suggests to enjoy the black truffle butter with a good piece of meat, such as ribeye or filet.

We couldn’t agree more!

Thank you FNL guide for the recommendation.