FoodsCross at #WoWos

Invited to WoWos – an initiative of the non-profit organism i-Dialogue- Aliki Vasilopoulou will address tonight other women who are perhaps reluctant to take a step for the materialization of their dreams.

In the context of a series of seminars open to the public, successful businesswomen will share the knowledge and experiences derived from their activity through the internet, aiming at inspiring, encouraging and motivating other women (but also men) to follow their dreams and test their ideas in the market.

Tonight, the guests of the Pireus Chamber of Small and Medium Industries will have the unique opportunity to hear the story of the first steps of FoodsCross -a project inspired by the intense and sincere interest in food safety, nutritional value, quality of food, taste, pleasure and aesthetics. This is an adventure that has been triggered by the vision and passion of the people who grasped the idea, and now it is travelling all over the world thanks to the potential and opportunities offered by the internet.

This story will be shared with the audience of #WoWos tonight hoping to inspire and become useful through useful tips and good advice regarding the use of the new media.


Pireus Chamber of Small and Medium Industries, 111, Karaiskou street | Monday, 31 October 2016 | 17:00