FoodsCross featured among Greek Quality Products!

Greek Quality Products introduced another product from FoodsCross’ range in its select list of exceptional Greek products and we are very excited to be in such good company! This time it was our Black truffle and porcini paste which stands out for its remarkable flavour and 100% natural ingredients as it contains no colorants, artificial flavouring or preservatives.

A few words about Greek Quality Products

They claim to be a “crazy group of volunteers” who wish to work and promote the most exceptional Greek products around the world and thus support the Greek producers and the national economy in times of hardship. It is a private non profit initiative which is organised in a very professional way and in a short period has been established as a unique forum for producers and consumers who appreciate the authentic local flavours produced with care and the highest standards of quality.

We thank the Greek Quality Products for their preference in FoodsCross’ premium range of Greek products.