FoodsCross’ truffle and porcini paste featured in FnL

FoodsCross’ black truffle and porcini paste is its third product to make it in the coveted list of FnL’s “Product of the Day” column and we are very excited to meet again on the online crossroad of exceptional tastes.

Haris Tzannis praized the paste’s velvet feeling due to the combination of Greek porcini with delicious, also Greek, black truffle, Tuber Aestivum Vittadini.

Many thanks to the editor for introducing one more of our products from the new Trufflology range to the select club of exquisite products. We are proud to be in such a good company!

To enjoy the flavour of our pate visit our eshop, but first check out the post on the FnL blog here: FnL Product of the Day