Holmes place, honey place!

The Premium Greek FoodsCross thyme honey has entered the temple of fitness and well being. Members of the three Holmes Place’s health club & Spa may now enjoy the privilege of a superfood enhanced with extra thyme pollen grains, further extending its many beneficial properties.

It has been common knowledge already from the ancient times that the thyme honey, among others, enhances the immune system and the brain functions, boosts the energy at the beginning of a tough day and relaxes at its end. Especially the premium thyme honey by FoodsCross combines all these properties and at the same time multiplies them by boosting the content of thyme pollen grains to a percentage that exceeds even the incredible 80%.

In other words: The journey to your well being with the Holmes Place as a vehicle has a new tasty destination that aims at the harmony and balance betwen body and mind. On this new cross road, your mandra remains the same: you have one life. Live it well. Or as we say, FoodsCross it!