Mousegraphics – honeygraphics

For almost three decades, mousegraphics makes its creations based on the principle that design is an endless exercise in communication. This way, a humble honey jar transcents its use and becomes a means of expression of FoodsCross’ fundamental concept about food. For the first presentation of the vase for FoodsCross’ premium honey, mousegraphics analyzes the design concepts in its website:

Foodscross, premium honey

The Briefing (In Brief): “We would like to enter the market with our top quality product. We need brand identity design and packaging applications.”

The target consumer: Greek and foreign markets. Sophisticated consumers who look for quality products.

The design: The market for honey is a rising one and as such already filled with a variety of packaging designs. We needed to realize a brand identity able to convey this product’s specific advantage: it’s pure synthesis. This is Greek honey distinguished for its extremely high concentration of thyme pollen grains (80%). A rare, natural product of an eco-conscious process, meant to be offered in numbered and signed vases. We developed the logo design as a careful pairing of cross-shaped lettering (brand name) and the image of a bee, designed for us by the internationally known illustrator Si Scott. The elongated glass vessel we chose is covered on its upper part and toped by the brand identity elements and relevant information, in a way that allows the synthesis specifics and the collector’s data (number) to be clearly visible even when the top is removed. Black, white and red dominate the packaging design in an alternative reference to a pharmaceutical/cosmetics language.

Following are the awards won thanks to the stunning design for FoodsCross:

Greek design awards launched by the +design magazine. The competition runs under the auspices of the world body for design. ico-D, International Council of Design (ICOGRADA) that promotes design excellence and the Graphic Designers’ Association In Greece.

J. Evrard και Brigitte Evrard launched this competition for the first time about a decade ago in order to pay tribute to the packaging design.

A worldwide competition recognising the best consumer product design. Entries are judged bya highly esteemed panel of industry experts and awarded based on creativity, marketability and innovation.

With well over 1000 participants coming from 35 different countries, these Design Awards are among the most prestigious in the continent.

The only institution in Greece awarding the creativity in communication. Ermis awards are held annualy by the Greek Association of Advertising and Communication Companies. They are considered to be the most important event in the sector for Greece.