On crossroads

Curiosity and an appetite for new experiences is what motivates the most dedicated explorers to take trains, planes and boats with a sole purpose to defeat the unknown. The FoodsCross concept is that of a traveller without a particular destination. We like the roads that take us from one crossroad to the next. We follow the voices that speak of some rare herb or an ancient winemaking technique and we turn on our heels without hesitation.

The crossroads celebrate the wanderlust, a never ending desire for adventures. They are dynamic spots, that can dual as stations and starting points. Each turn is a revelation. Sometimes you will take the less travelled road and others you will prefer to mingle with the crowds in search of kinder spirits, people to share knowledge, wisdom, flavors and experiences from still unexplored places.

There are crossroads that will make you stand still for a while. Perhaps set up a tent (for a while) and listen to stories from fellow travellers that carry their own hunger and desires. You will talk to them too, you will open your luggage and start showing off the trophies from your unique journey: small miracles carefully collected along the way.

In March (14-16) we will be in such a crossroad (FoodExpo) and we will set up our tent (Hall 3, Booth C14) at Metropolitan Expo. We have encapsulated the essence of our travels inside magnificent jars with exceptional honey from Astypalea and Crete, and in amphorae for libations with rare orange wines. This new station boasts an ephemeral nature like that of a unique food which you cherish in sealed bottles and treasure chests, but irreversibly puts a spell on you, the moment you finally taste it.

So, what will happen at FoodsCross’ booth? Which formidable revelation do we have in store? Indeed, when you visit such an event you look forward to new meetings that will tempt you to take a new road. The challenge is on. Apart from our famous honey and a collection of amazing blends of herbs, we will introfuce the fascinating natural orange wine. A wine that has travelled a long way from the ancient times.

You are all invited to join us and taste some of nature’s most sensational gifts.

So, mark your calendars and don’t miss this date: 14th -16th March 2015 @ FoodExpo, Metropolitan Expo, Hall 3, Booth C15