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Every precious find, result of FoodsCross’ long search transforms into a small trophy for all the aficionados of authentic, healthy foods. You do not need to take the roads -we did it for you so that we may bring to every place in Greece nature’s most select and pure creations.

Our compilation of hard to find foods boasting special properties and exquisite taste, have been sellected with care and have been treated without any chemical elaboration and are offered to you through a constantly expanding network of sales all over Greece. However if the desire’s peak turns the waiting into an intolerable luxury, you may visit our eshop and acquire at once your favorite product or simply choose your next present for a loved person from the comfort of your home. For the moment you can choose between the premium Greek thyme 80% honey and the exceptional Greek thyme 60% honey

The procedure is quite simple and needs no more than a few minutes: click on the icon of the product you wish to view and read a brief description accompanied by the price. Once you decide to make your purchase, put it in your cart and proceed to checkout where you may follow the simple instructions so that it will be delivered at your doorstep asap.

All useful information regarding the delivery may be found in our website.

Needless to say, if you want to place a special order or request some clarification, you may call us or just send us an email.

Welcome to the world of FoodsCross!