Trendhunter discovers Honeyhunters’ new icon!

We are extremely proud to report that Trendhunter, the world’s most popular platform featuring groundbreaking ideas, with more than 150.000 reporters and 3 million fans, dedicated a post to FoodsCross’ honey jar!

Laura McQuarrie wrote about it:

This creative honey design by Mousegraphics features a perforated edge, bringing in an interactive element to set the Foodscross brand apart in a market that’s already saturated with honey products.

What sets Foodscross’ product apart is that its Greek Thyme Honey is made with a high 80% concentration of thyme pollen grains. Each jar is designed to be numbered and signed to show off just how special each batch is. Although there is a portion of the package that is designed to be torn off, the collector’s number was placed so that it is easily seen even after the top has been removed from the jar. The choice of color for the packaging was also quite strategic, suggesting a likeness to pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Source: Tear-Off Honey Packaging : “honey design”