20+1 ways to benefit from honey!

This liquid gold with value measured not in carats but in pollen grains, proves that not all medicines are bitter. Honey becomes even more precious for health when combined with fruits, herbs and spices that enhance its properties.

There is a great number of therapeutic recipes with honey out there and we have collected the most interesting ones. Try them all using FoodsCross’ premium honey which stands out for its high content in thyme pollen grains, raging from 60% to the incredible percentage of 80% for its limited edition version.

So, why don’t you experiment with these recipes to enjoy the taste and beneficial properties of honey in 21 different ways?


1. Sooth sore throat with a mixture of honey, herbs, spices and citrus fruits. The spices and herbs help in aiding the swelling while the honey soothes the throat and helps get rid of any bacteria.

2. Honey and lemon can relieve fever and chill symptoms linked to the common cold.

3. Honey with cinnamon generally promotes well – being, while this delicious blend also helps in fighting hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

4. Ginger with honey for sore stomach. Ginger reduces inflammation in a similar way to a neosteroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs. It also promotes circulation. Combining it with honey makes it ideal for an upset stomach.

5.Clove-honey to calm the toothache -cloves contain a strong anesthetic (eugenol), which is also an antiseptic like honey. Cloves are also about 20 times richer in eugenol than many other sources.

6. Apple cider Vinegar with honey is an unlikely combination but is a great medicine assisting people suffering from acid refluc. This recipe has been confirmed to enhance digestion and mineral absorption that leads to reducing acid reflux.

7. An excellent honey heel moisturizer is made with milk, orange and honey. Milk is high in vitamin A which is vital for healthy skin in aiding to eliminate dry skin.

8. Yogurt and honey face mask against acne. Full of probiotics, yogurt might help decrease inflammation and restore the skin’s natural pH balance. Combined with honey, this mask will even improve the anti-inflammatory properties for fighting acne.

9. Honey with coconut water and citrus for sore muscles. Coconut oil consists of many electrolytes that may help with dehydration, a primary reason behind sore muscles. Thanks to the fruits, this drink boosts energy.

10. Honey and Sugar Cream to care for Athlete’s Foot. This mixture is quite efficient in reducing the fungus connected to this condition.

11. Losing weight with honey and lemon dilluted in warm water. Research featured in Nutrition Research & Scientific World Journal concluded that honey can help in losing weight. Lemon has additionally been found to play a role in losing weight.

12. Ayuverdic texts say that honey gets rid of fat and cholesterol in the body’s tissues especially when combined with apple cider vinegar.

13. The proven antibacterial and antiviral properties of honey and turmeric can speed up the recovery process when it comes to oral ulcers. Honey and tumeric is good for oral ulcers.

14. A combination of fresh ginger juice and honey can ease the sinus congestion if used 2 to 3 times each day.

15. According to several studies, orange boasts a relaxing effect and may help with fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety. Combined with honey, it is perfect for fighting anxiety.

16. Pineapple has lots of vitamin C, which those who smoke tend to lack. Chewing pineapple and taking honey afterwards, will also help to curb cigarette cravings.

17. A formula involving a combination of ground bay leaf, celery seeds and honey before lunch and dinner daily. Bay leaves and celery seeds have already been proven to help with stomach ulcers and colic pain.

18. A tea concoction made of honey, cinnamon and pepper (Trikatu) assists in poor circulation by increasing blood circulation. The Trikatu pepper is beneficial in curing dyspepsia and assists in proper circulation.

19.Hiccups are brought on by spasms of the diaphragm, and also the ingredients in this recipe are anti-spasmodic, resulting in relief.

20. Scientiscts have found that honey not merely heals damaged skin in extremely severe cases of eczema, but it additionally has the capacity to regenerate new skin growth. Add cinnamon for further healing properties.

21. A recipe incorporating honey, cinnamon, lemon juice and baking soda is the best way to kill odor-causing bacteria, dealing with the problem of bad breath.