Ancient Natural Remedy for Ovarian Cysts

Today, many women deal with cysts that form on or inside their ovaries. The treatment of this condition is pretty exhausting, but not impossible. Folk medicine has a lot to offer when it comes to treating ovarian cysts, so make sure you always go for a natural remedy.

In this article we give you an all-natural folk remedy, and it does not take much effort to make it. All you need is some honey and aloe vera.

Take a few aloe vera leaves and keep them in your fridge for two weeks.
Shred them finely and squeeze out the juice.
Stir equal amount of honey in the juice.
Keep the remedy in your fridge.

Take a teaspoon of the natural remedy and heat it just enough so it can loosen a little, because when stored in the fridge, this remedy is pretty thick. Once the liquid is warm, take a regular tampon and soak it in.

Insert the tampon as you usually do and leave it overnight.

Repeat the treatment for 10 days, then make a break. Do not apply the remedy during your cycle. After the break, repeat the therapy for 10 more days. You can also use this remedy to treat cervical erosion, characteristic for the occurrence of small sores on the cervix.

However, make sure you consult your doctor before you start the treatment!