Bee delicious!

A few weeks ago, it was named (again) the world’s best restaurant. Although one can never be sure of such absolute statements, Noma, the first restaurant in Copenhagen to aquire a second Michelin Star, is without a doubt the restaurants’ Ferrari -as its waiting list looks like a telephone catalogue.

This is a fact, without the slightest suspicion of exaggeration, since the numbers are eloquent -for example, during the relatively recent project of the opening of the restaurant for just one month in Tokyo, 2,500 persons managed to secure a place, disappointing more than 15,000 gourmands who didn’t manage to reserve a table.

The secret is said to be the rampant imagination of Redzepi who seems to be addicted to the adrenaline waves caused by each of the challenges he fearlessly takes, perhaps prompted by the sense of security provided by the almost blind dedication of his countless fans. And he never disappoints his fans, even when he serves them live ants and shrimps on ice.

The man to whom food obeys like a snake to its charmer, is an amateur naturalist who draws his inspiration from the research of his ingredients. With all these traits that have ensured him a long term in the leadership of the contemporary gastronomic universe, he could not remain indifferent to nature’s most tireless workers: the bees. And his admiration was not restricted to a simple observation from afar, but instead was expressed very vividly: Last fall, he created his own melon field and recently he established his first bee hives in order to have his own private fleet of bees who will pollinate his plants and will also allow him to collect the honey that he may use in his adventurous menus.

The Noma team is very proud of their latest activity and they show it on every opportunity -judging from their posts on instagram. They estimate that the bees living in harmony outside the restaurant will supply the kitchen with about 50-100 kg of honey annually. The challenge now is to gradually lure the chef and staff to the beekeeping sport in order to initiate a round of closer relations.