Fruits and honey for a flat belly!

A nutritious drink, which stimulates the metabolism and helps to dissolve the fat promising a flat belly for this summer, is the ideal breakfast.You will need hazelnuts (antioxidants and a good source of vitamin E), orange (rich in vitamin C), apple (for pectin and fiber), banana (for potassium), thyme honey FoodsCross with 60% or 80% pollen grains (antiseptic and germicide) and a pinch of cinnamon (antioxidant with zero calories).

Preparation is easy and your pleasure guaranteed. Below you may find the detailed recipe…

1 teaspoon grated hazelnuts
½ cup orange juice
½ apple in pieces
½ banana
1 teaspoon FoodsCross honey with 60% or 80% of thyme pollen grains
1 pinch of cinnamon

Pour all ingredients into a blender and mix until you get a smooth drink.