Top 5 herbs that lower blood pressure

If left unattended, high pressure can damage blood vessels and gravitate to life-threatening conditions such as heart problems, stroke and cardiac arrest. You shouldn’t wait for it to happen to you when you least expect it. Start taking proactive measures immediately to manage your blood pressure. It could be the best decision you could make for your longevity.
Since the common reliance on prescription drugs has produced no permanent cures for high blood pressure, you may want to consider nature’s solutions to keep your body in a state of wellness and equilibrium. The following five herbs will help you experience worry-free excitement through lower blood pressure once again when taken constantly:

1. Passion Flower
It is effective in lowering blood pressure, since it reduces stress and anxiety -two factors that can directly cause an elevation in blood pressure. It is used as a natural sleeping aid for those having bouts of sleeplessness.

2. Lavender
By massaging the body with lavender oil, you can dramatically reduce blood pressure by 50%. Lavender works as a vasodilator by relaxing and expanding the blood vessels, thereby causing the blood pressure to lower. Lavender oil can be applied throughout the body or by bathing using either lavender flowers or the oil itself. You can also boil lavender leaves and flowers for use internally as a tea, which has the added benefits of treating insomnia or an upset stomach.

3. Holy Basil
Stress plays a destructive role in overall cardiovascular health and the adaptogenic properties of holy basil can help alleviate stress-related damage. It prevents stree-induced biochemical changes, improves energy levels subjected to damage during times of stress. It also has many beneficial actions on the heart as a blood thinner and promotes good circulation. When taken daily, it can lower high blood pressure by helping optimie cholesterol levels.

4. Valerian
It contains a natural tranquilizer as it relaxes muscles and lowers blood pressure. Daily consumption of valerian will aid in a state of overall relaxation and elimination of stress. This process will, in turn, decrease blood pressure in people experiencing hypertension.

5. Oregano
It contains carvacrol which is very effective in lowering blood pressure. It reduces your heart rate, arterial pressure, and both diastolic and systolic blood pressures as well. Oregano is also viable alternative to salt in your meals, as the sodium in salt is a leading cause of high pressure.