Honey is a component in tons of home remedies, for everything from colds to cigarette cravings.

Just a jar of honey, and some of the most common household herbs and spices – that’s all you need for these recipes: the sweet nectar of honey can help cure many everyday ailments.

First up: to avoid seasonal allergies caused by the local environment, it’s a good idea to eat a little honey made in your area every day. For colds, on the other hand, all you need to do is mix a teaspoonful of honey with half a stick of cinnamon and take some of this mixture three times a day, while to combat a blocked nose you need one teaspoonful of honey and one of fresh ginger, to be taken morning, evening and night.

If you have a shallow cut or wound, just cover it during the day with sterile gauze which has been lightly rubbed in honey, and take it off again at night in order to let the wound breathe. If the problem is a bad case of indigestion or a strong feeling of nausea, just mix some honey and lemon together, dip your finger into it and slowly lick the mixture off twice a day.

Honey can also be a friend to those who want to quit smoking, when chewed along with chunks of pineapple before lighting a cigarette, and to those looking for relief from stress or anxiety: if this is the case, just add some honey to orange juice (one teaspoonful in a glass of juice) along with a pinch of nutmeg.