Improve your skin through food!

A few days in the sun and your skin will feel dry and sensitive. The right food can help bring back its elasticity and shine, the experts say. In fact, nutrition expert and estheticial Britta Plug was interviewd by FWx and revealed some natural health trends:

First she suggests that you should truck and eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet: try taking the most usual kinds (dairy, sugar and glute) out for two weeks -one at a time- and see if that has any effect. When you bring those foods back in your body will have a more heightened reaction, so you can see how they affect you—gas, bloating, headaches, whatever the symptoms are for you. If you’re eating them all the time, your body has more of a low-grade reaction. We all have varying tolerance levels, but those foods are the general culprits.

High quality Dark Chocolate is recommended for the chocoholics and probiotics for everybody -excellent natural sources are whole milk low sugar yogurt and kimchi.

She also suggests some experimenting with Charcoal and Sandalwood. The first for detox and the second for a boost in circulation.


Finally, Plug supports the idea of masks made of yogurt and / or honeywhich is an amazing cure-all. Especially for after sun care, mix about half a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of warm water. Spread onto your skin and leave on for as long as you can before rinsing off. For your mask, we highly recommend the use of the best possible honey you can get your hands on, such as FoodsCross’ premium Greek honey with 80% thyme pollen grains.

For the end, we have a general tip addressing a very common mistake: overwashing and scrubbing your skin will do more harm than good. Cleansing once at night to remove makeup and pollution from skin is all you need. Then, just rinse with water in the morning and keep your routine simple!


Via: Time Magazine