Jamie Oliver needs our help to fight for Food Education

Actively supporting a way of life that is based on authentic, unrefined and exceptional foods from nature’s treasure chest, we, at FoodsCross have been excited to hear about Jamie Oliver’s latest campaign against child obesity through Food Education.

One of the world’s most celebrated chefs, popular due to his passion for healthy eating, Jamie Oliver is internationally renowned as a herald of a dietary ethos that may not be new, but is indeed revolutionary. His campaign with a petition against child obesity through food education is consistent with his work all these years. Just a few weeks before the World Food Revolution Day (May 15), Jamie Oliver, addresses people from all over the world and asks help in order to motivate governments to take action in the sake of the wellbeing of the future generations. His message is alarming and our help is precious.

Let’s support this new movement hoping to raise awareness among people and governements alike in order to protect our children and their future!

If you feel the same way, please sign the petition and then share it through the social media to spread the word.


Click here to Sign the Petition.