The deceitful labels of “natural” foods

“Real food doesn’t have ingredients. Real food IS ingredients” Jamie Oliver

A video takes us on a ride to the advertising industry which uses false claims to make foods more appealing. Well, it seems that the “natural” claim on the label of foods is not always true.

Nearly 59% of consumers have a hard time understanding nutrition labels, according to a Nielsen survey.

One of the most common—and most misleading phrase—manufacturers use on food is “all natural” but foodscrossers know how to look past the hype to make smarter supermarket choices. Because “all natural” doesn’t mean all that much. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t define it, although food makers won’t get in trouble as long as so-labeled food doesn’t contain added colors, artificial flavors, or “synthetic substances.”

That means there’s room for interpretation.

In fact, a food labeled natural may contain preservatives or even be injected with sodium, in the case of raw chicken. “Some natural products will have high fructose corn syrup and companies will argue that since it comes from corn, it’s healthy,” says Stephan Gardner, director of litigation at the Center of Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). “Well, that isn’t true.”

Next time you see a packaging with the word “natural” on it, don’t take it for granted. Check the ingredients’ list first!

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