When the honeybee fell in love with thyme

Two Greek clinical dieticians, Constantinos Xenos and Asteria Stamataki have written a book on Greek superfoods, not all widely known, but with miraculous qualities.

Browsing through their exceptional book “Getting to know the Greek superfoods”, we inevitably reached the chapter about honey.

This book is a wonderful source of many interesting information about the types of honey found in Greece and its characteristics. According to the two writers, the Greek thyme honey is a special honey, that is currently nominated to be included among the Protected Designation of Origin products, whilst about 10% of the Greek honey production is thyme honey. According to the Greek laws the name of thyme honey may be attributed to any honey featuring over 18% of thyme pollen grains in a total of 90.000 per 10 gr. of honey. That is why FoodsCross’ limited edition prime honey which boasts 80% thyme pollen grains is such a precious food that works wonders on health!

But what makes thyme honey so precious? The two writers have researched and have collected scientific evidence about the importance of thyme honey.

According to the School of Pharmacy of the University of Athens, thyme honey has remarkable antimicrobial qualities and is quite effective in the restriction of the endometrial cancer cells, while it also helps with breast and prostate cancer (Food Chemistry 116 [3], pp 702-708 2009).

Its high concentration in sugar, acidic PH and some organic acids and flavonoids seem to be the reason for its antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, thyme honey has one more component that enhances its antimicrobial properties: the peroxide. Indeed, thyme honey contains small quantities of peroxide (H2O2) -the higher the altitude of the source, the bigger its content in H2O2.

Thyme honey’s content in proline (one of collagen’s essential amino acids), is also higher compared to other types of honey. Finally, thyme honey is a remarkable antioxidant.

So, taste is the least of the reasons why you should add thyme honey to your daily diet. Enjoy!

A recipe for a homemade medicine for sore throat

Mix a teaspoon of honey with a foolspoon of lime juice. Add a pinch of freshly grounded black pepper.This substance should be swallowed slowly, without water 2-3 times per day. (Medicinal and cosmetic uses of Bee’s Honey – Areview, Ayu, 2012 Apr; 33[2]:178-82)

Source: “A guide to the Greek superfoods” by Constantinos Xenos & Asteria Stamataki (Dioptra Publications)