Anassa Ilis Wine Spa: Coming soon!

The first Greek Wine Spa Resort will open its gates in less than a year, promising to reveal some of the best kept secrets of Peloponissos in southern Greece,

A successful Greek entrepreneur in the US returns to his roots in order to create a luxury thematic resort that combines the enchantment of the sandy beach of Kasidiaris (county of Ilia), with the intoxicating wines of the neighbouring wineries.

Athinorama magazine recently disclosed a series of illustrations in the context of an interview with the man behind this project, Mr. Christos Kassaris.

«Peloponissos is a major destination as the region hosts almost 30% of the country’s wineries producing more than 1.200 ettiquetes. The vineyard is a main reference point not just for the area, but also for the daily routine of its inhabitants, their culture, traditions, diet and hospitality. The idea for the concept resulted from the particular natural landscape of the Amaliada area: the view, the light, the colors and the flavor of its land”, explains Mr. Kassaris.

The interior design combines the bright and colorful lifestyle of the region with the passion of the winemakers in a land endowed  by nature, as well as man, given its huge archaeological interest. The concept is materialized within 25 acres that will host a total of 80 luxury suites and the spa where the wine based treatments will revitalize the visitors’ body and soul.