Summer Living

Olivier Dwek architect, based in Brussels, designed a stunning house in the Greek island of Zante.

In an idyllic green hillside the spacious, wll white house embeds the sun and the view thanks to its frugal, geometric design.

olivier-dwek-architectures-house-t-cephallonia-hillside olivier-dwek-architectures-house-t-cephallonia-interiors

“The Silver House” is an impressive summer house framing different views of the island’s natural beauty and dramatic seascape, while at the same time catering for its dwellers’ ultimate comfort. The architect has created an all-day shelter from the winds and managed to keep the boundaries between the interiors and exteriors blurred, as in the case of the two huge glass doors that lead to two covered terraces.

The term “summer house” has just stepped into the next level! What do you think?

olivier-dwek-architectures-house-t-cephallonia-bedroom olivier-dwek-architectures-house-t-cephallonia-interior-patio olivier-dwek-architectures-house-t-cephallonia-exterior-sunset

“The Silver House” by Olivier Dwek – Photography © serge anton

Source: Fubiz