Boost your energy with a spoon of honey

A spoonful of honey every day is the most effective and delicious antidote to the feeling of fatique and exhaustion after a challenging week at work.

Especially the thyme honey enhances the immunity system against germs and annoying viruses, fights pesky bulges facilitating digestion while building valuable resources of energy. No wonder that in ancient Greece, athletes used to have a spoon of honey before each competition.

Moreover, thanks to glucose and fructose contained in honey, the reserves of glycogen in the liver are enriched and thus, a spoon with honey before going to bed significantly improves brain function.

The higher the percentage of thyme pollen grains in the honey, the more delicious it will be while this enhanced presence of pollen grains intensifies the honey’s antiseptic properties and its effectiveness as a fuel for the body as well as for the brain.

In case of any stomach discomfort or if the feeling of exhaustion hits in the day, honey is the answer and not the sweets, the cheese pies and the fatty snacks. If the idea to eat honey does not sound very appealing, remember that it is wonderfully combined with tahini, yogurt, fruit and whole grain bread.