Escape now!

Have you ever wondered why you feel the urge to drop your luggage in the car and drive for a few hours from to spend just a few hours or days in a place not so far away, but not exactly next door? Usually the reason is your need to escape from the daily routine without any more excuses. However, the choice of your destination hides or rather reveals your attitude towards life.

For those who love adventure and seek authentic new experiences, accommodation is not just a detail covering the need for a place to sleep. This is a crucial part of the journey, regardless how long, that is valued not just by the comforts but also by the architecture, the design, the respect to the land, the culture and the environment.

Tainaron Blue Retreat is one of those cases…

At the southernmost tip of mainland Greece in a region awash with myth and natural beauty, husband-and-wife architects Costas Zouvelos and Kassiani Theodorakakos have converted a deserted 19th century watchtower into a stunning retreat.

Constructed from local stone, the tower emerges from the mountain rock while inside, custom-made furniture settles into the original structure, with a series of timber ladders and stone alcoves. Vistas of the surrounding sea and cliffs can be seen from the family master suite at the top of the tower.

Famous Greek chef George Samoilis has devised a menu of updated regional Maniot dishes emphasizing seafood from local harbours and the region’s notable olive oil.

Byzantine churches and villages dotting the surrounding peninsula offer a cultural fix, and sandy beaches invite guests in for a dip in the clear, deep waters of the local bay.

This is indeed a destination by itself. Would you like to be here?