Greek herbs not in crisis! 

Greece’s enormous wealth of herbs ranks her third in the world in native plants. According to Athanasios Tsaftaris, President of the Ministers’ of Agriculture of the European Union Council and the respective Union Commissioner Dacian Ciolos, the vast, untapped wealth of 6,600 different species of plants that our country features, many of which grow solely here and cannot be found anywhere else in the world, represent a comparative advantage for the Greek agricultural sector.

In accordance with opinions expressed during the meeting of the Informal Council of Ministers for Agriculture and Fisheries entitled “transforming the European agricultural diversity into strength”, it seems like the Greek presidency would like to highlight the issue of biodiversity and the investment opportunities that arise by the use of aromatic and medicinal plants.
Greece’s indigenous plants are about 6,600, and it is estimated that they make up for 50% of the entire European Union. For example, in the UK there are only 800 species thriving. Greece is actually third in worldwide rankings, in terms of endemic plants, when taking into account her geographical size. About 1,600 out of the 6,600 are aromatic and medicinal plants.
For the time being however, despite its enormous wealth, the size of the domestic production of medicinal and aromatic plants remains 5 times lower than that of the European average.

Source:  My little Greek Foodbook