Milk and honey for sweet dreams!

Warm milk has long been used as a sleep aid, making it a good late-night snack choice if you have trouble dozing off at night.

It’s interesting to note that, despite people swearing by the effectiveness of a warm glass of milk aiding in relaxation efforts, the effect may be more psychological than physiological.

It was once thought that the tryptophan in milk led to increases in the feel-good hormone serotonin. However, the additional amino acids in milk can actually prevent the tryptophan from preferentially getting into your brain.

Adding honey to your warm milk will slightly boost the sugar content of your snack. This extra sugar is easily digested and can stimulate hormones that drive the formation of serotonin, making your warm milk assist in your sleep efforts from a psychological and physiological perspective.

Tonight, add a teaspoon of honey with 60 or 80% thyme pollen grains to a warm glass of milk and sleep tight!