Rio’s Wasted Food Is Being Turned Into Meals For The Homeless By Michelin-Star Chefs

You’d be surprised by the amount of food that an Olympic athlete can put away. Michael Phelps snacked on a pound of pasta after his win at the 100-meter freestyle relay final. But even more surprisingly, there’s quite a bit left over. Enough to produce 5,000 meals per day in fact. Massimo Bottura, who runs a three-Michelin-star restaurant in Italy, and Brazilian chef David Hertz have joined forced to prepare that food and serve it to the city’s poor.

The pair are basing their efforts on a similar initiative, Refetterio Ambrosiano, that brought 65 chefs from around the world together to cook for the homeless with food donated by the Milan World Expo.

Hertz said:

“RefettoRio Gastromotiva is going to work only with ingredients that are about to be wasted, like ugly fruit and vegetables, or yoghurt that is going to be wasted in two days if you don’t buy it.”

“We want to fight hunger and provide access to good food.”
Hertz says that the effort will continue even after the games are finished, and he’ll also be providing vocational training for those with low income.

According to the United Nations, we waste between 30% and 40% of all the food we produce. But at the same time, 800 million people go hungry every day.

Source: Distractify