A white truffle olive oil

Did you know? The precious white truffle is perhaps the most expensive food on the planet. Depending on the year, its price remains the only obstacle for the true aficionados of its powerful aroma and rich taste. This year, you may grab a kilo for almost 4.000 euros, which is a good price if you take into consideration the auctions where the bids for the biggest white truffles can reach the record price of 34.000 USD (2012).

Although a single truffle can be used for several dishes, since a few shaves are enough to add the precious flavour of this expensive ingredient, its price remains an obstacle mainly for its individual afficionados. Unfortunately, the white truffle cannot be cultivated, while specially trained pigs or (and lately mostly) dogs are needed to track it down and unearth it. The great demand combined with the limited resources results to the high rate of its price internationally.

However, the gourmant restaurants allover the world look for its divine aroma. So, the problem has been solved thans to bottles of olive oil infused with truffles. Naturally (or not) such a precious ingredients could not keep away the scientists whose efforts to create an artificial substitute led to a truffle oil that immitates the real flavour, though not as successfully to the dismay of the gourmands around the world who do realise that real, authentic foods are our last defence against for a natural, healthy diet.

The extra virgin olive oil infused with real white truffle by FoodsCross abides to the brand’s essential recipe, which dectates: real, tasty and healthy food. It boasts a strong, persistent and pleasant taste, offered without any artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. You may find it in its wonderfully designed bottle featuring Si Scott’s design of a pig and opt for either the 250ml or the smaller 100ml container. A few drops can make a great difference, so go for it!


FoodsCross’ white truffle honey is available exclusively from its eshop.