Alchemists’ Flavour Festival in Athens

Starting today and for two more days, the fascinating world of taste opens its gates, to welcome the hungry spirits who enjoy to explore the most subtle parts of the gastronomic experiences. A 3-day festival titled Alchemists’ Flavour Festival “Zero” edition (AFF “0”) will be held 18-20 May at the interactive Root Artspace.

The masterminds behind this wonderful initiative are two Greek mixologists, Stefanos Draganidakis and Yiannis Samaras (Bar Solutions & Root Artspace), who decided that the time has come to shed some light on the lesser known dimensions of the gastronomic experience. To do this, they introduce the concept of neurogastronomy thanks to the contribution of some of the most esteemed personalities of the international gastronomic scene -the modern alchemists of taste, including star chefs such as Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal, famous mixologist Tony Conigliaro, as well as the Professor of Experimental Psychology of the Oxford University, Charles Spence.

Lately, the international community turns its eyes to the neurogastronomy, a science that researches the interaction of all the senses when enjoying food, in an effort to prove beyond doubt that the environment (aesthetics, sounds, temperature, even the shape of a dish or its name) can affect the taste. This is after all the subject of Charles Spence’s new book: “The Perfect Meal: The Multisensory Science of Food and Dining”. In this book, the professor explains how important is the role of neurogastronomy in the tasting experience based on the conclusions drawn following a research he led for Diageo. In fact, professor Spence monitored the way that our taste of a cocktail is altered due to its color, to the decoration or the music.

The festival’s programme is full of interesting seminars, workshops and tastings, thans to the participation of brilliant alchemists who are joining us in Athens, for the first time, willing to share with us some of their secrets, the world trends and many innovative ideas that enrich the world of bartending and gastronomy. Let’s not miss this rare event!

Info: Alchemists΄ Flavour Festival “Zero” edition | 18-20 May 2015 | Root Artspace, Heraklidon 10, 11851, Thissio | Tel: +30 210 3450003 |
Programme & Tickets: Root ArtSpace