Cool Ways to Make Fancy Ice Cubes

Regular ol’ ice cubes certainly get the job done, but these clever ideas add unexpected flair to a party — or any day, really.

Think outside the tray
You might regard ice cubes as strictly utilitarian, but what if you consider the humble drink chillers a blank slate for creativity? These easy ice upgrades we found on Food Network turn an everyday beverage into something much more fun- whether you’re serving a crowd at a party or simply yourself.

Pick some petals
Freezing flowers in ice cubes adds a colorful, feminine touch to a garden party or girly brunch. Layer the petals so they’re partially exposed for the most vibrant look, and get creative with the size of the cubes and the pattern of the florals. Just be sure to use flowers that are edible, like roses.

Pluck cherry stems

Infuse drinks with a little cherry flavor by freezing the fruit with water in an ice tray. Leave the stems of the cherries exposed so you can easily remove the cubes and add a little whimsy to your drink station.

Freeze Watermelon

If your watermelon platter is overflowing, freeze some for a pretty, flavorful addition to drinks. Melon is easily sliced into a variety of shapes, and you can customize the size however you like. These teeny watermelon cubes look cute piled on top of each other and fit perfectly in tall, skinny glasses.

Make a flower in a bottle

The bottom of any empty plastic drink bottle is actually a clever flower-shaped mold. Cut the base off a few bottles, fill them with fruit puree and freeze. The result is bunch of pink and purple “diasies” you can float in pinch -choose a couple of different bottle sizes to add variety to your display.

For more ideas, check the Food Network