Greeks’ favorite winter drink!

With the first rains which officially signal that the summer is over, Greeks shift to the season’s favorite gastronomical traditions, among which, the delightful rakomelo.

According to a legend sometime around the 12th century in southern Greece (Peloponnisos) someone combined for the first time the Greek spirit named raki with thyme honey and spices such as cinnamon and cloves. However, there are other historic sources claiming that rakomelo was first enjoyed in Crete and Amorgos. Both islands boast a long tradition in this wonderfully intoxicating decoction.

Although lately people start enjoying it even in the summer in frozen shots, it remains a quintessential Greek winter drink that is relished by the fireplace after a rich dinner, often accompanied by halva (a traditional greek sweet semolina delicay). The authentic rakomelo is made with excellent thyme honey and not sugar or syrup. If you wish to make it on your own you will need 6 table spoons of honey for every liter of raki. Heat carefully these two ingredients with two cinnamon sticks and a couple of cloves and when it starts to boil remove from the fire and keep it for abour 10 minutes covered with a lid. Then keep in bottles glass bottles. No need to refrigerate.