The Eggsplosive element

You must know by now, that it often only takes a secret detail -invisible to the eye- to innovate even with your most favorite traditional dishes. Secret ingredients surprise the gourmand’s trained paletes.

The “Easter menu” is theoritically standard, typically featuring lamp, salads and eggs, but there are plenty of opportunities to safely improvise even if you are not a master chef! This year, challenge your tastebuds with FoodsCross’ Trufflology treats including the extra virgin truffle oil, the amazing truffle butter, the delicious truffle and porcini paste and the discreet yet powerful truffle salt.

Bonus plus, the wonderful design that spares you the need to look for ways to add them on your table. For example, let the jar with the truffle salt randomly on the table and encourage your guests to sprinkle a few of its precious crystalls on their hard boiled eggs after they crush with each other according to the famous Greek Easter custom.

No need for any sophisticated recipe or trick. Simplicity is the key, especially when you have in your hands the enticing aroma of real, precious truffle -as the trufflology collection features only products infused with real truffle without addition of artificial colors, flavours or conservatives of any kind.

So, feel free to visit FoodsCross’ eshop and set your imagination free to create unique dishes of incomparable taste!