The Jane – hip restaurant

From the first humans recorded in history, our species has travelled for food. First, in a quest for food as a means to survive but thousands of years later we still travel for food, only this time we do it seeking those extraordinary experiences that will linker in our thoughts forever. We are collectors of moments and sensual stimulies.

What we look for? The rarest and best ingredients from every country or area, the most elaborate cooking, the iconic local dishes, the experimental menus of some inspired chefs, the unique concept of a restaurant. For some globetrotters this is part of their lifestyle, for most of us it is another reason we love to travel, for even fewer, an incentive to get out and catch the next flight to a distant place on the map.

Either way, if you find your way to Antwerp, the Jane restaurant is a place that you should not miss. According to food critics, it currently hosts some of the hottest tables in Europe, partly thanks to the Michelin-starred chef Sergio Herman, but also due to the striking interiors designed by the uber cool Dutch studio Piet Boon.

A former military hospital turned into a gourmand’s hot destination attracts for the moment Belgium’s designer elite and people from all over the world who belong to the clan of the discerning few who would travel for food.

No chance for dissapointments here, as the sleek interiors you may admire though the photos is matched by brilliantly executed cuisine -try the mackerel ceviche and squid, chorizo and white beans. Bon appetit!

The Jane Antwerp | Site ‘t Groen Kwartier, 1 | Paradelplein, 2018 Antwerp | Τel: +32 3 808 4465
The menu includes 6-8 dishes and the cost is €60-90 per person (not including drinks). Each reservation may be for up to six persons.