3+1 Summer Smoothies!

A blog dedicated to the Greek flavor is always a place we enjoy visiting for inspiration. This time we discovered some delicious recipes for refreshing smoothies. In order to enjoy them, you will need fresh fruit, a jar of FoodsCross’ thyme honey and a blender. i Cook Greek offers the recipes. Will you try them?

1. Strawberries, kiwi and honey

Ingredients: 6 strawberries | 1 kiwi | 1 tablespoon honey
Preparation: Cut the strawberries and peel the kiwi. Blend then with honey and serve immediately with ice.

2. Yogurt with fruit, vanilla and honey

Ingredients: 2 medium ripe bananas | 2 kiwis | 1 tablespoon honey | 150 gr, Greek yogurt 2% | ½ cup orange juice | a pint vanilla
Preparation: Peel and cut the bananas. Pour them in the blender along with the yogurt, the orange juice, the honey and the vanilla. Blend well and serve with ice immediately.

3. Fruite juice with honey
Ingredients: 1 orange, peeled | 1 apple peeled and cut into pieces | 1/2 cup of srtawberries with their cap and stem removed | the juice of half a lemon | grated ginger | 1 tablespoon honey
Preparation: Mix all the ingredients and blend until they are smooth and serve immediately to keep all the vitamins.

4. Milk shake with banana and ice cream
Ingredients: 2 big peeled bananas | 1 tablespoon honey | 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream | grated ice
Preparation: Cut the bananas in slices and throw them in the blender with the ice cream, the honey and the ice. Blend until you have a smooth mix. Serve immediately.


Source: iCookGreek